Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable? (5 Popular Brands Explained)

As you are here, I am pretty much sure that you are an obsessive gamer and want to beat your competitor energetically in every gaming session. In consequence, you are desiring a comfy and warm seat to make your gaming period more convenient. And, that should be the prime concern of a gamer, ‘to get a comfortable chair’. Because an uncomfortable chair would undoubtedly distract you, and as a result, make you lose the game.

While going to buy a comfortable chair, most gamers seem to be on the fence whether they should go with a gaming chair or a standard gaming chair would work pretty cool as well. Or, if they buy a gaming chair, would it be worth it? Apart from these, many more questions prick into their minds.

So, with all those probable questions, we have arranged our piece of writing today. Let’s check it out.

Note: At the bottom of the article, we’ve listed 5 Best Gaming Chairs from the top 4 most well-known brands all over the world. Don’t forget to check them.

Are Gaming Chairs Actually Comfortable?

Every gaming chair is quite different from others, so their ability to make you feel comfortable does also vary. But, playing games on a computer by sitting on a gaming chair is more comfortable than that of an office chair because gaming chairs are made to support every part of your body, viz, neck, arms, muscles, buttock, upper back, and lumbar area, and so on while gaming. 

comfortable gaming chair in desk setup

As gaming chairs are constructed for a long time of sitting, and as they are made with all the problems in mind that you may face while gaming, so, only a gaming chair can serve you the best than other chairs while you are playing. 

So yeah, gaming chairs are actually comfortable.

However, the comfortability of gaming chairs varies as all the chairs are not made with the same materials, and also do not come with the same features.

so where we come about a gaming chair comfortability? In short, a gaming chair is more popular than other chairs because of some extraordinary features like spinal support, reclining, armrest, leg rest, headrest, etc.

Why are gaming chairs comfortable?

To make a chair comfortable, what plays the key role is a high backrest, and almost every gaming chair contains that.

Besides, the lumbar support and headrest of a gaming chair keep the spine and neck in the correct position that improves our health and helps us have a trouble-free gaming session. 

The tilting mechanism is the most important function that has the power to provide you utmost comfort. When you get tired after a long time of sitting and want to quit your game in the middle just because your back wants to lie down, at that moment, the reclining function gives you relief, and you don’t have to quit your game either. 

Generally, gaming chairs come with all-around adjustability. So, you don’t need to adjust yourself to fit the chair, instead, you can make the chair fit your body.

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Overview of The Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs

GTRACING Gaming ChairRESPAWN 200 Racing Gaming Chairnoblechairs ICON Gaming Chairnoblechairs Hero Gaming ChairHerman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair
Previewpopular gtracing Gaming Chair with FootrestRESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chairnoblechairs ICON Gaming Chairnoblechairs Hero Gaming ChairHerman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair
Weight capacity300lbs275lbs330lbs330lbs
Net weight48lbs47 lbs61.6lbs66lbs41lbs
height48.82″- 51.97″35.43″53.7″53.54″41″
MaterialPolyurethaneFaux LeatherSteel frameFaux Leather, SteelRecycled Material
ArmMultifunctionalAdjustable4D4DFully Adjustable Arms
SeatThick paddedGamified seatingbreathable seatenlarged seat8Z Pellicle suspension seat
BackpaddedBreathable Mesh Backtilt mechanism and backresttaller backrest8Z Pellicle suspension back
Lumbar SupportComfortableIntegrated Lumbar Supportoptimized lumbar supportintegrated lumbar supportFlexible
Recline function90-170 degree130 degree135 degree125 degreeLocable recline range
WarrantyLimited Lifetime warranty
Buying OptionsCheck reasonable priceCheck reasonable priceCheck reasonable priceCheck reasonable priceCheck reasonable price

How does Gaming Chair make the difference from an office chair?

In my opinion, a gaming chair is 100 times better than a normal office chair as it helps maintain proper posture.

The main problem with sitting in an office chair is that the back muscles and spinal discs remain in large volumes of pressure as the spine has to support the arms, head, and torso against gravity. As a result, after a short period of sitting the back gets tired which makes people slouch down in the chair.

On the other hand, a gaming chair consists of a high backrest with neck support, lumbar support, and armrests. It provides height adjustment facilities. Thus it distributes the pressure of your body evenly and helps you maintain proper posture.

In short, a gaming chair helps: 

  • Improve blood circulation and deep breathing.
  • Enable eye-level computing as you can lift or recline the chair till your eyes are aligned to the computer screen. 
  • Eliminate muscle strain and enhance energy levels.
  • Offer excellent computing experience as proper posture makes the brain feel powerful and thus affects the mood.

How Long Can You Seat on a Gaming Chair?

OKay!! No matter how ergonomic your chair is, prolonged sitting is horribly dangerous for your health. According to some medical researchers, it is even worse than smoking.

According to an article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people should stand a minimum of 2 hours during their working periods. And four hours of standing is highly recommended. Obviously, you have not to do this all at once, but in small portions.

So, if you are a health-conscious person, you should comply with the suggestion.

Are Gaming Chairs Overrated?

Sometimes Gaming chairs from renowned brands can prove overrated. It is not unknown that, in the case of brand products, we pay more for the brand’s name than the ultimate product. So, most of the time, after buying a gaming chair from a well-known brand, we can feel that an office chair or a non-brand gaming chair with the same features and quality can be got at a cheap price. At that time you may feel that the chair you buy is overrated. 

But, don’t forget that a brand product is far more standard and durable than a non-brand product.

Not all brands sell their gaming chairs at a price above the average. There are some brands that sell their gaming chairs at reasonable prices, keeping balance with the features, materials, and so on.

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What Price Range should you budget to get a gaming chair?

It depends on what quality gaming chair you are looking for.

Most of the chairs in the market are between $200-$500. If you don’t bother much about the quality there are even chairs under $100.

The gaming chairs that come under $200 may contain good features, but they are comparatively poor-built. 

On the other hand, the chairs cost between $200-$ 350 are well built with high-density foams and sturdy bases. Most people go with this type of chair. 

Finally, If you are looking for a high-end as well as a comfortable gaming chair with all-around features you must pay above $350.

Now the choice is yours!!!!

Is it possible to get a cheap but comfortable gaming chair?

A cheap gaming chair is generally made from cheap materials. It may give you comfort for a while, but very soon it will begin to irritate you like nothing. 

So, in my opinion, you should not waste your money on a cheap gaming chair, and repair it every two or three months.

Some cheap gaming chairs may miraculously survive, but it is very rare. 

What (Material) Makes A Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Different things work together in this respect:


  1. Lumbar support: The most important part of a gaming chair is its backrest with lumbar support as it helps the spine maintain its proper posture.
  1. Adjustability: A gaming chair with adjustable options helps gamers to set the chair according to their height. Again gaming chairs with different tilt angles provide the opportunity to tilt back, relax and play soothingly.
  1. Headrest with pillow: A gaming chair with a separate headrest keeps the neck and head in actual position that keeps gamers from neck pain.
  1. Adjustable armrests: A minimum comfortable gaming chair should have 2D armrests that can be moved up-down, and left-right.
  1. Footrest: Gaming chair with footrest helps gamers to kick back and have desired comfort while playing.


In the case of cushions, memory foam is the best. It is super soft and firm enough.

In terms of upholstery authentic leather is a good option for its quality and durability. On the other hand, who wants to be sweat-free and like to have proper ventilation, mesh fabric is best for him.

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable For Office Work?

Of course, you can use a gaming chair comfortably for office work.

But, is it ideal to sit in a relaxed mood at a reclined angle and engage in office tasks? Obviously not. Right?

Besides, according to many, gaming chairs are less comfortable than office chairs while you are choosing it for office work. A gaming chair is designed in a way so that it looks comfortable, whereas it is not as comfortable as it looks. While constructing gaming chairs, what gets priority is to make the chairs look cool; comfortability comes second here. 

Again, many people think that office chairs are better for office work in terms of comfortability. Office chairs are mainly built for comfort and they are specially made with the office environment in mind. 

So, in my opinion, office chairs are best for office work. But don’t be misunderstood that gaming chairs are not comfortable. Of course, they are, but less than office chairs if you are choosing them for official work. 

Obviously, a DSLR, made particularly for clicking pictures would serve better than a mobile camera, whose main concern is not to click photos. I hope the difference is now clear to you.

But, chair comfortability varies from person to person.

You may feel comfort in what others find discomfort. 

Finally, if you want you can use a gaming chair as an office chair. Choice is yours!!

Can You Use a gaming Chair For Study?

In short, the answer is yes.


Mainly because of its lumbar support, and second comes the headrest, both of which help you have an easeful sitting, providing proper posture.

If you read books for refreshment, just use the reclining function that surely would deliver your mood to the next level.

If you get tired of studying and your eyes demand a break, you don’t need to get out of your chair to lie in your bed; just use the lever under your chair, recline it, close your eyes, and relax.

How‌ ‌long‌ ‌Does ‌A Gaming Chair last?‌ ‌

How long a gaming chair would last actually depends on how it is used and what quality materials it carries. 

Normally, If you are using a high-end gaming chair from a renowned brand, it is supposed to last almost 5 years.

Gaming chairs with average quality may have about a 2-3 years lifespan.

And cheap quality gaming chairs would last a maximum of 1 year.

Is it worth buying a gaming chair?

It also depends on how long you are going to use your chair. If you are a professional gamer and spend most of your time in front of your computer, then buying a gaming chair is worth it.

Early in the day, most people generally tend to sit straight, but after a short period of sitting, they begin to wilt. At that moment, a gaming chair’s lumbar support, headrest, armrests, and footrest support the muscles of the body.

So a gaming chair is worth it if you are a regular and a full-time computer user. 

On the other hand, if you spend less time sitting on your chair and don’t use it on a regular basis, there is no point in paying more for a gaming chair than you need to.

What Is The Average Warranty Period of a gaming chair?

Well, different manufacturer companies offer different warranty periods as per the durability of their products. 

Generally, the high-end gaming chairs from reputed brands come with a minimum of 3-5 years warranty.

Gaming chairs of moderate quality offer a minimum of 2 years warranty. Chairs of this category are considered standard.

However, cheap gaming chairs offer a maximum of 1 year warranty period.

There are some companies that even offer a lifetime warranty on some specific parts of gaming chairs.

Why are some Brand New Gaming Chairs So Uncomfortable?

If you are an office chair user and have little experience with gaming chairs, in the beginning, you may find a gaming chair uncomfortable. After some time use, when your body will begin to adjust to your new gaming chair, then I am sure you will have no complaints regarding comfortability.

But, there are other reasons which can also be mentioned. 

  1. Maybe the chair you have bought doesn’t go with your height, your back, or body.
  2. Maybe your sitting posture is not correct.
  3.  Or, maybe the chair you have bought contains cheap materials. 

How To Make Your Gaming Chair More Comfortable (if it’s not)?

A bad or uncomfortable gaming chair is just like a nightmare for our bodies. If your gaming chair fails to fulfill your demand, and you don’t want to throw it away either, you can still make it comfortable by customizing it.

Change your seat cushion

Well, if your seat is troubling you, it is high time to change it and employ a new seat cushion. Nowadays, a seat cushion with memory foam is popular which is very soft and keeps you away from sinking into your chair. 

Employ lumbar and neck support

These are where most people face troubles. To get a full of life experience, lumbar as well as neck support is a must. If you don’t have the support or if your present ones are troubling you, you can buy the lumbar and neck cushions separately. They help keep your spine in the correct position.

Add Armrests support

 If your armrests are too low, add padded armrests support to prevent an uncomfortable position.


To get maximum comfort, a well-built footrest is a must. The more you play in a relaxed mood, the more it will be easy for you to win the game. And a footrest can transform your mood and comfort zone to the next level.

However, above all, you have to make sure that the gaming chair that you have fits you or it is big enough for you. If your gaming chair proves small for you, no alteration would work out. Just go and buy another one.

What Is The Reason For A Gaming Chair Being Uncomfortable?

Long term use

Even if you start with a gaming chair from a renowned brand, over time, it will wear down. Gradually, the chair will begin to squeak, and the seat cushion will get flatten which is not perfect to support your body weight properly. At that moment, one can find the gaming chair uncomfortable.

Doesn’t fit the body

If your chair doesn’t fit your body types, such as your height and weight, it will fail to comfort you.

Cheap materials

Before complaining about uncomfortability, ask yourself if you have chosen a standard and well-built chair for you. Here is the problem that most of us want the best service at a cheap price. You may find a cheap gaming chair comfortable for one or two weeks, after that, it will bother you like hell. Even in the beginning, sometimes the seat cushion remains too hard to sit on it.

Which Brands Provide the most comfortable gaming chair?

List of most comfortable gaming chairs:

  1. GTRACING Gaming Chair
  2. RESPAWN 200 Racing Gaming Chair
  3. Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair
  4. Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
  5. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

Here we are introducing you to 5 of the best brands, and starting with the least.


Even though GTRACING is not the most popular brand, its gaming chairs have the ability to easily impress even the most nitpicky persons with their comfort quality and ergonomics. And they are super affordable.

The chair we have mentioned here is suitable for small to average-sized people, and it can hold around 300 pounds weight. 

popular gtracing Gaming Chair with Footrest

This chair is 20.86″ in length and 21.26″ in width; in height, it measures 48.82″-51.97″. It preserves a heavy-duty metal frame and upholstered body. Its Armrests and seat height are adjustable. You can also remove the headrest and lumbar cushion if you want. The chair can recline 90~170 degrees and swivel a full 360 degrees.

It can be a fine choice for working, studying, and gaming. And it will definitely keep you comfortable during long terms of gaming or working.


Next, we have the RESPAWN 200 gaming chair. If you are a value hunter, this chair from RESPAWN is for you. Over time, RESPAWN has achieved popularity and is considered one of the best brands. Since its journey, it has been making some quite interesting gaming chairs that combine comfort, ergonomics, breathability, style, and adjustability at a reasonable price.

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair maintains a great balance between price, quality, and ergonomics.

This chair contains a steel frame that can uphold 275 pounds of weight. It has a mesh back for super ventilation that will keep you sweat-free. Its adjustable headrest contains bonded leather and PVC. Besides, it has pivoting lumbar support and molded foam seat to provide supreme comfort and quality. The back part has a plastic structure, and the adjustable armrests are thickly padded. The chair’s wheelbase is also made of hard plastic. It can recline up to 130 degrees. The chair is also suitable for office work.

3. Noblechairs ICON

If quality is your main focus you should definitely try gaming chairs from Noblechairs ICON which provides the best build quality gaming chairs. Besides immense build quality, it also offers comfort and ergonomics.

noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

Let’s see what features the chair carries:

  1. It contains Extra soft and thick PU faux leather with 55% freshly molded cold foam that offers supreme breathability & comfort.
  2.  4D armrests but no padding.
  3. Reclined up to 135 degrees. 
  4. A solid steel frame with 2.4″ PU casters. 
  5. Neck and lumbar support cushions.
  6. Can support 330 pounds.

The chair is perfect overall if you can overlook its expensive price. And yeah it is also perfect for larger people.

2. Noblechairs Hero

The runner-up brand on our list is the Noblechairs Hero.

The chairs from this brand are very tastefully designed. And they are simple, straightforward, well-built, and provide tons of support to the users’ bodies. Check the gaming chairs from Noblechairs Hero if you want full comfort during gaming sessions.

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair

Let’s check the features:

  1. It has high-quality leather or vegan PU leather with breathable cold-foam upholstery. 
  2. A robust steel frame that can carry up to a maximum of 330 lbs.
  3. Adjustable lumbar support and backrest.
  4. Sophisticated rocking mechanism.
  5. 4D armrests.
  6. Has an enlarged seat area and curve backrest.

1. Herman Miller Aeron

Finally, on top of the list, we have the brand “ Herman Miller Aeron ” which offers somewhat more expensive chairs than the other brands mentioned above. Like the price, the chairs of this brand do also offer high-end features. Since the birth of this brand in 1994, its chairs have been offering award-winning designs with superior comfort and ergonomics. 

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

Well, let’s introduce you to a chair from this brand. To be fully informed, check the link.

The main selling point of this chair is its ergonomics. Its excellent lumbar support is designed in a way that can compress pressure from your body. In the lumbar area, there are two individual pads; the top one supports the lumbar and the other one supports the sacrum. You can adjust the lumbar support to fit the curve of your body. 

The seat is constructed of woven pellicle that is extremely breathable. Besides, it offers a standard tilting mechanism and adjustable padded armrests covered with vinyl. This chair can carry a maximum of 350 pounds.

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Bottom Line

That’s all for today. Before signing off, here is a little advice for you. No matter how comfortable your chair is, don’t sit and play for so long. It will defect your eyes and whole body at a very early age. Be alert!!!!


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