10 Most Comfortable Leather Office Chairs [Expert’s Pick]

A chair is an essential part of our life. We can’t think of our daily tasks without a chair. No matter what kind of job we do, chairs are a must. People from any profession need it to go on.

There are many types of chairs in the world. But we can not afford all types of them. So we need to fix a type according to our demand.

Nowadays people are taking the leather chair for their office and home. And obviously, leather chairs are good enough. But there are many collections of leather chairs in the online market. You may don’t know which one is perfect for you.

So, in this article, we will provide you all the necessary information regarding some chairs. We decorated our article with the best leather chairs in the online market. After going through this article, you will get to know all the pros and cons of these chairs.

We are pretty sure, you will be able to decide which one is for you. So let’s pay attention to the provided write-up.

Content Outline

Top 3 Picks For Leather Office Chair

Best Choice

AmazonBasics Upholstered & Low-Back Office Desk Chair
  • Padded seat and back
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Smooth rolling casters

Premium Pick

Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair
  • Maximum comfort & convenience
  • Flexible reclining
  • Heavy duty metals base

Best Value

Alera Neratoli Mid-Back chair
  • Very comfortable and sturdy
  • Highest satisfaction
  • Easy to assemble

AmazonBasics office chair

AmazonBasics Upholstered & Low-Back Office Desk Chair

If you have a lower budget for a chair but want a well-performing one then this chair could be the perfect one for you. And AmazonBasics offers us quality products since they started their journey.

Every chair has some pros and cons and this one is not different from that. Here you may not find all the needy functions but if you consider its price then it will be okay for you. Its gorgeous outfit can draw the attention of any buyer.

Its bonded leather and padded back and seat can give you the utmost comfortability. Here you will also find the seat adjustment facility that can offer you a comfortable day. So let’s check all the pros and cons and make a decision.


Bonded leather with PVC upholstery

Bonded leather + PVC make the plain, flexible upholstery of this chair, coating the contoured back cushion and padded seat cushion. With the seat and back, this chair offers black padding on curved arms that increase support and comfort.

360° swivel and nylon casters

This chair comes with a multipurpose range of movement. This AmazonBasics chair can swivel for 360° to make your multitasking easier. This one’s durable nylon casters offer facile rolling mobility from a corner to another corner of your place.

Seat height adjustment

Here you will find a pneumatic seat height adjustment facility. That offers you the opportunity to adjust the seat height according to the variation of your task and desk. This function provides various gestures on your leg that reduces pressure and ensures flexibility.

Padded seat and back

This chair has a gorgeous seat back which is full of pads. These seats and back are designed according to your natural gesture. You may find a more comfortable feeling from these full padded parts. They offer you a pleasurable working day.


  • Colors: Black, Brown, White
  • Material: Leather and PVC
  • Furniture Finish: Pewter
  • Weight capacity: 124.7 kilograms
  • Item weight: 35.3 pounds
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Style: Modern
  • Type: Office chair


  • Length: 29.1 inches
  • Width: 26.1 inches
  • Height: 45.5 inches
  • Assembled height: 45.08 inches
  • Assembled width: 27.56 inches
  • Armrests: From the floor- 28 inches, From the seat- 8 inches


  • This is the best-bonded leather chair in this segment.
  • Comes with three major variations.
  • This one is a perfect value for money.
  • You will get a 1-year warranty.
  • This chair is certified by BIFMA.
  • Offers day-long support.
  • Suitable for healthy and larger folks.


  • No adjustable armrests.
  • No lumbar support.

Who should buy this chair?

If you are suffering from back or spinal pain then this one is not for you. It has less adjustment facilities though it offers pretty well performance. Here its padded seat and back may grab your attention.

If you don’t care about adjustable functions and want a chair that will offer you a comfortable day then you can check this one.

Serta Big and tall office chair

serta big and tall leather office chair

Serta Big and tall office chair comes with a perfect combination of design, durability, and easement. This is a perfect office chair. Well-cushioned leather has made itself extraordinary for leather lovers.

Here this chair comes with a headrest and lumbar support that can make your day comfortable. Its back is designed to be fitted with your natural posture. And its padded armrests will provide you a pleasant feel during computer work and gaming.

Here you will find a strong base that is durable enough. It has a great weight capacity that will increase its longevity. So let’s check all the information about this chair. Maybe this is the one you are looking for.


Lumbar support

Here you will find very supportive lumbar support. This offers you a healthful posture. You won’t feel any sort of pain in your back as this function is designed to keep your back away from the torment. This function offers you a comfortable busy day.

Lock in comfort

This chair comes with height and tilts adjustment facilities. Its ergonomic height adjustment function offers you a perfect sitting experience. You can set it according to your task and will.

Its tilt adjustments function also offers you an ideal and healthful position. You may find it helpful while you work for a long period.

Maximum comfort

This one is covered with a solid and soft cushion. This cushion offers an amazing seating experience. Its cushion is also durable enough. And there is a headrest in this chair, you will find it helpful during exhaustion.

Its padded armrests offer you a great comfort feeling during work. And provides a soft and nice feel to your arms.

Enough durable

This chair is sufficiently sturdy and strong. Actually, this chair is designed for larger folks that made itself durable since larger folks are heavier and wealthy. Here you will find great bonded leather with accurate accents of wood that made this chair more durable.

Casters wheel

Its 5 wheels offer you smooth and perfect mobility. You can get your simple tasks done in your place easily with these caster wheels. These are much sturdy that offer you great longevity.


  • Color: Black, Brown, Ivory, Chestnut Brown 
  • Material: Leather 
  • Furniture finish: Espresso 
  • Maximum weight: 136 kilograms 
  • Item weight: 46.8 pounds 
  • Brand: Serta 
  • Manufacturer: True Innovations LLC


  • Length: 30.5 inches
  • Width: 27.25 inches
  • Height: 43.5 inches
  • Depth: 30.5 inches
  • Arm height: Max 30.25 inches, Min 26.75 inches
  • Seat: Depth: 19 inches, Height- 18.75-22.25 inches
  • Back: Height: 21 inches, Width- 27 inches


  • Seat adjustment function.
  • Padded armrests offer a comfortable working period.
  • There is a comfortable headrest in this chair.
  • Lumbar support is here to keep you healthy.
  • Thick and durable cushion.
  • Strong caster wheels offer easy mobility.
  • Here you will find first-class comfort in this chair.
  • A perfect one for healthy folks.


  • Armrests are not adjustable.

Who should buy this chair

Its lumbar support is the key feature of this chair as most people suffer from lower back pain nowadays. Here you will also find a supportive headrest. You can adjust its height according to your wish also.

These features made this one perfect in this segment. It is perfect for office rooms and gamers will also find it supportive. If you are looking for a healthful leather chair then this one wouldn’t disappoint you.

La-Z-Boy Delano office chair

Lazy boy delano big and tall leather chair

This La-Z-Boy office chair offers you a more comfortable day. They were introduced to provide a healthful sitting experience. They have been well known for premium design and outstanding build quality.

This chair is also a perfect one. Here its functions are pretty adjustable and perfect. Your daily working hours will be easier with this chair.

Its lumbar support, tilt function, and reclining option are ready to make your day comfortable and supportive. Its adjustable seat height is much necessary for various tasking and people. Its heavy-duty casters increase its durability. So let’s pay a look at its pros and cons.


Adjustable height

Here you will find a perfectly adjustable height function. There is a handgrip below the seat you can adjust the height by that handgrip easily. Your hand would reach easily to that handgrip. This function is helpful for any size buyers.

Reclining function

Here this La-Z-Boy Delano office chair offers you a healthful feature and that’s a reclining function. You can customize it according to your mood and work. During exhaustion, you may find it as an assistant. This function provides you the ultimate relaxation for the whole day. Pressure on your back and buttock will not be increased with this function.

Memory foam

This Delano office chair offers layered cushions of memory foam that supports your whole frame for the day. You will find an extraordinary sitting experience with this foam. This foam is designed to be adjusted with your posture. Your body will remain steadily on this chair. Your buttock wouldn’t feel any stress.

Bonded leather

This chair is manufactured with expensive bonded leather. It is designed in thick bonded leather with an accurate, majestic wood base and armrests for an eminent look. This leather provides a premium feel and look. Anyone could fall in love with this luxurious leather.

Lumbar support

This chair has come with ergonomic lumbar support. Lumbar support with soft leather will provide you an amazing sitting experience. This lumbar is well combined with the back. Your back pain wouldn’t be boosted up.

Heavy-duty wheel casters

Here this chair comes with five strong and sturdy wheel casters that are durable enough. These casters made its base more strong. You will be able to be shifted from one side to another of your room with this chair. Its wheels will provide you smooth mobility.


  • Colors: Black, Brown
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Furniture finish: Walnut
  • Item weight: 55.2 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Finish type: Wood
  • Form factor: Upholstered
  • Type: Office chair


  • Length: 32.2 inches
  • Width: 27.5 inches
  • Height: 45 inches
  • Seat: Height- 22-25 inches, Width- 21.5 inches
  • Depth: 21 inches
  • Back height: 27 inches
  • Arms height: 28.75-31.75 inches


  • Comes with a high back that looks premium.
  • Equipped with pleasant memory foam.
  • Ergonomic seat height adjustment function.
  • Tilt sitting will offer various sitting experiences.
  • It has passed BIFMA testing and got certified.
  • Heavy-duty casters increased durability.
  • Big and luxurious one.
  • Enough strong and sturdy to bear healthy folks.


  • Armrests are not adjustable.

Who should buy this chair 

This is an excellent chair with numerous needy features. Its luxurious foam and leather would provide you with the maximum comfort feeling. lumbar support with the reclining function will give you a healthful experience.

Its height adjustment facility is useful for all. So this could be a perfect chair for anyone. Gamers will be benefited most from this chair. 

SP Velvet Office Chair

SP Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Tilt Angle

Seating Plus is well known as a gaming and office furniture supplier. They value quality most. And this office chair is also a quality one.

It is full of ergonomic and adjustable functions. This is a great option for your daily tasking. Its leather and foam are enough thick and comfortable to provide an amazing experience.

You can adjust its height and armrests that are much necessary for a comfortable working period. Its backrest with ergonomic lumbar is very healthful and supportive. There are also numerous features so let’s check all of these.


Adjustable armrests

This simple looking chair comes with adjustable armrests. These armrests are small in size and easy to customize. You can fix these as you want. These armrests are well padded too. You can flip these armrests up to 90 degrees. You will be able to keep the chair under the desk by flipping these armrests up that will save place in your room.

Tilt function

This function is necessary when you need relaxation. After working for countless hours this function can give you some pleasure. Through this function, you can lean back for 30 degrees. It’s called leisure mode. You will also find this function helpful when you need a nap.

Ergonomic backrest

This back is able to be fitted with your back. It’s designed according to the natural curve of your spine. You will find some relief during a long period of working with this back. There is also ergonomic lumbar support in this backrest. It has been set to support your lower back and healthful experience.

Seat height adjustment

This is a needy feature for different environments. It is a supportive function for folks and desks of various heights. You can set its height up to 3.15″ according to your office desk and size.


If you face any sort of problem regarding its quality within 30 days then they will refund you or provide a free exchange opportunity. And within 180 days, they will give you replacements for free for lost and damaged parts.


  • Colors: Black, White, Gray 
  • Material: Velvet
  • Brand: Seatingplus 
  • Manufacturer: ANJIFC
  • Item weight: 41.8 pounds
  • Assembly requires: Yes
  • Max weight: 250-330 lbs


  • Width: 21.7″
  • Depth: 22.4″
  • Height: 41.7″-44.9″
  • Seat: 22.4″ W × 18.5″-21.7″ H × 21.7″ L
  • Back: 21.7″ W × 28.7″ H
  • Armrest: 16″ L × 25.2″-28.3″ H
  • Leg length: 12″


  • Double soft and high-density foam for great comfort.
  • Ergonomic lumbar support.
  • Adjustable seat height function.
  • Comfortable and durable PU leather.
  • Adjustable armrests for different tasks.
  • Tilt angle for super relaxation.
  • Great warranty opportunity.
  • Comfortable and a great chair for every task.


  • Some reviews show, not a good option for short people.

Who should buy this chair

This is a great chair with almost all inevitable facilities. It is a super quality chair with durable parts. You will get your every task done comfortably with this chair. Office tasking, typing, gaming, and reading will be easier with this one.

Ovios office chair

ovios Computer leather Office Chair

This high-back chair is a great option for any workspace. You can pick it for every task. Its quality and features made it perfect for any buyers.

Its high back with lumbar and headrest support is made to provide you a healthful experience. Its back is designed so nicely, that wouldn’t boost up your spinal pain. Its well-padded seat is adjustable and helpful too.

This elegant chair’s tilt function offers you four different modes for your ultimate comfortability. This chair also looks good and durable too. You can check all the information about this chair below.


Height adjustment function

This chair offers you the option to adjust the seat height. You can adjust its height from 45.67 inches to 45.62 inches. By adjusting its height you can grab your proper position on the chair. The deep seat is here for utmost comfortability.

Tilt angle

You can tilt this chair according to your willing position. There is a lock function too so that you can lock it at your perfect angle. You will find four different modes in this tilt function named Comfortable work mode, Reading mode, Watching movie mode, and taking a rest mode. You will be able to lean back from 90° to 150° that will help you to pick the comfortable position.

High back

This  Ovios office chair comes with an ergonomic high back. Here you will find lumbar support from this back. You will be able to work for a long time comfortably with this back. This back is designed to provide you enough assistance. Your neck and lower back will remain in peace in this back.

Widely usable

This chair is not only usable for the office room rather you can use this in various rooms. You can use it in any computer room, conference room, and any workplace easily.

Suede fabric

Suede fabric is used in this Ovios chair. This fabric is very smooth and thick. You will get better hygienic performance, better air permeability, better water resistance, no fading, and no greasy feeling.


  • Colors: Black-brown, Black-gray
  • Material: Suede
  • Brand: Ovios
  • Weight capacity– 250 pounds
  • Type: Office chair
  • Recommended location: Indoor


  • Width: 27.55 inches
  • Height: 45.66 inches
  • Depth: 26.77 inches
  • Back: 33.19″H × 13.55″ W
  • Seat: 20.18″ W × 19.20″ D
  • Armrest: 12.86 inches
  • Ground to seat: 17.32″-19.69″


  • Softer and thicker cushion for extra comfort.
  • High back with ergonomic lumbar support.
  • Tilt angle for 4 modes.
  • Back and seat height adjustment.
  • Heavy-duty casters for 360° mobility.
  • Usable for various tasks.
  • Soft padded headrest.


  • No adjustable armrests.

Who should buy this chair 

This is a perfect chair for almost every environment but not for your outdoor activities. This chair can be fitted with your daily tasking. Its functions made it perfect in this segment. This is a perfect option for your office, conference, reading, and gaming room.

Alera Neratoli Chair

Alera Neratoli Mid-Back chair

This Alera Neratoli Chair looks very simple but usable. Its design and look are not so traditional. Its extraordinary premium look can attract any buyer. 

Its mid-back is quite supportive. There is amazing Faux leather in the back that is excellent. The chrome frame makes it more durable in this segment. 

Padded armrests and waterfall seats are well designed to provide you a great working experience. Your leg and knee pain will remain in control. For further details let’s check all the provided information.


Healthful seat

This chair’s seat is designed to reduce pressure. The name of this seat is the waterfall seat. This type of seat is very supportive of your work. Your legs and knees will remain in a comfortable position. Your lower back and back part of your knees will find enough assistance from this seat.

Padded arms

Its arms are well padded and look quite premium. These padded arm caps offer great support and pleasure during working. These arms’ height is well combined with the seat so you will find a better posture on the seat.

Heavy-duty casters

Its casters are so premium and sturdy. You can move easily with these casters. Roaming in the office with this one would be easier with these wheel casters. These casters run so smoothly that no scratch will be seen on your carpet or floor after roaming.

Excellent quality

The quality of this Alera chair is excellent. This one also looks premium and expensive. The quality of its parts is pretty good so you will find it durable.


  • Brand: Alera 
  • Color: Black, Red, White 
  • Item weight: 44.3 pounds 
  • Arm style: Arched 
  • Material: Faux leather 
  • Manufacturer: United Stationers – DROPSHIP
  • Wheel tread: Hard
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs


  • Assembled dimensions: 34.84″ L × 15.94″ W × 25.79″ H
  • Arms height from seat: 7″
  • Distance between arms:18.1/2″ 
  • Seat: 19″ W × 20.7/8″ D × 19″-22.1/2″ H 
  • Back: 18.1/2″ W × 20.5/8″ H


  • Armrests are pretty comfortable and supportive.
  • A waterfall seat is good for your physique.
  • The material of this faux leather is pretty decent.
  • 5-star base with casters for a great experience.
  • Premium and luxurious looking.
  • Offers a comfortable seating experience.


  • No lumbar support.
  • No adjustable armrests.

Who should buy this chair

This is a chair that will offer you a decent performance. I want to make you remember that there are no sufficient adjustable functions in this chair. So before buying this chair you have to consider some things. For the office and reading room, this one is not a bad option at all.

SMUGDESK Office chair

smugdesk ergonomic leather office chair

SUM DESK is well known around the world for its quality product. This chair is also a perfect one from SMUGDESK. It’s a package of all needy features.

This chair has a lot of features that are actually helpful. Its back is liftable and this feature is a rare one. You wouldn’t get this feature in every chair.

The armrests of this chair are so soft and adjustable and they are well combined with the seat. You will find yourself in a better position in the chair with this combination. This comfortable chair also has a lot of excellent functions. Let’s check all of these below.


Adjustable armrests

Its armrests are pretty soft and adjustable. You can customize the height of these armrests by pressing the buttons that are given in the armrests. These armrests are made to be fitted with your office and homework. These small armrests offer more flexibility in the work.

Recliner option

You can recline its back for 105 degrees. This function is a perfect solution to your tiredness. You will find it helpful after working for hours. To recline the back first you have to raise the 3rd lever up, then let it tilt back, and then you have to pull the 3rd lever down. So you can lock the tilt angle in this way.

Rocking mode

This mode offers you something very interesting and useful. Here you can rock back and forward in this mode. By lifting the 2nd lever up and down you can customize it according to your chosen position.

Swivel 360°

You can swivel this chair easily for 360 degrees to find the utmost use of your workplace without stress. And also keep you in a stable position while working. And its rolling casters are also smooth and durable that can offer you a long-lasting experience.

Adjustable height

The height of this is quite adjustable. Though it looks like a bigger one you can adjust its height with the provided handgrip. No matter which size you belong to this function will provide you a perfect position on the chair.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Maximum weight: 300 pounds
  • Item weight: 52.14 pounds
  • Brand: SMUGDESK
  • Recommended location: Indoor


  • Product dimensions: 27.55 × 24.01 × 48.42 inches
  • Floor to Seat Height: 20.3″ to 24.0″
  • Seat width: 21.7 inches
  • Back height: 24.4 inches
  • Back width: 22.4 inches


  • The back of this chair is liftable.
  • The pad of this chair is pretty comfortable.
  • Arms are soft and adjustable.
  • The mesh design of this chair is breathable.
  • Various modes in the backrest for supreme comfortability.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • It’s a perfect chair to find the ultimate relaxation.
  • 12-month accessories replacement facility.


  • No supportive lumbar support.

Who should buy this chair

To be honest this one is a great chair with numerous functions. Anyone can be fitted in the chair easily. Its soft leather and adjustable functions would be healthful for you. For the office and reading room, this chair is perfect.

Your study and office work will be more comfortable with this one. And it is also a great chair for relaxation.

Duramont Office Chair

Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair

This Duramont chair is perfect in this segment. Its features are really useful and healthful. And it was built from quality materials.

This executive chair has come with a high back that makes it perfect for any size people. Its thick cushion made itself great in this segment. Bonded leather and heavy-duty base increased its durability.

Its reclining function has different modes for different experiences. Its height adjustment function is too easy to operate. Its footrest and stylish looking can catch your attention. So let’s check all the pros and cons of this chair.


Comfortable reclining angle

You can customize this office chair in any way you want to so that it can make up all of your essential needs. There is a locking option in the chair so that you can lock it according to your pleasurable position.

Three different modes (working, reading, sleeping) offer you to rock it back from 90° to 155°. This feature offers you something different that is actually comfortable.

Waterfall seat

This Duramont office chair has come with an exceptional waterfall seat edge. This seat wouldn’t create any pressure on the back of your leg. Your knees will also remain in a  pleasurable position. Working for hours on this seat would be much more comfortable. This seat is well padded too.

Contractible footrest

Here you will get a footrest in this chair. This one would be much useful during exhaustion. And if you want to take a nap in the chair then you can do that comfortably with the footrest. This one is well combined with the backrest’s modes so it will be more comfortable to take a rest.

Sturdy and durable

This chair has come with a heavy-duty metal base. This heavy-duty base made it much stronger and durable. Nylon rolling casters also made this chair a great one to move around. You will be able to use this one for a long time.

Great materials

The Duramont claimed that they used accurate quality material for ultimate comfortability and design. This chair is made with bonded leather that makes it more premium and perfect for an office room. And bonded leather also made this one comfortable and durable so you can expect a better experience from this Duramont chair.


  • Brand: Duramont
  • Material: Leather 
  • Maximum weight: 250lbs 
  • Item weight: 58 pounds 
  • Style: Modern 
  • Manufacturer: Duramont 
  • Imported from: the USA


  • Height:45.2″
  • Length: 25.1″ 
  • Seat length: 19.7″ 
  • Floor to seat: 16.9″ 
  • Back height: 28.3″ 
  • Footrest: Length- 16.6″, Height- 9.1″


  • Healthful waterfall seat edge.
  • An effective footrest.
  • Three useful modes on the backrest will provide various tastes.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Great materials have been used in this chair.
  • Heavy-duty base offers decent durability.
  • Bonded leather for a comfortable seating experience.
  • Its height is adjustable.


  • No adjustable armrests.
  • No supportive lumbar support.

Who should buy this 

This Duramont chair is a decent chair with some needy functions. Its footrest and three modes on the backrest made it special. If you want to grab a chair to get decent performance with comfortability then this is not a bad way to go. And yes it was made to be fitted in your office and reading room.

REFICCER Office Chair

REFICCER Office Chair High Back and Leather Executive

This REFICCER office chair has come with an adjustable high back. This chair is much bigger and wider. It also has a surprising weight capacity.

It offers dense padding and a healthful design. Its tilt angle is adjustable that may provide you extra comfort. Its seat cushion is pretty thicker and wider.

There is a headrest in the chair to support your neck and head. The rocking option in the backrest is pretty cool and adjustable. This supportive chair offers you a great working period. Let’s check all the pros and cons.


Chair with bonded leather

It’s time to say goodbye to an uncomfortable office chair that increased various aches in your body. This REFICCER chair was made to provide you pleasure. This chair has come with a soft and thick pad and waterfall seat edge to reduce pressure on your legs and back of the knees so that you can spend countless hours on the chair painlessly.

Rocking system

There is a rocking system in this chair for your healthful experience. In this function, you are able to rock the backrest back and forth according to your wish. You can rock it back for 90-120°. There is a locking option to grab the perfect position in the chair.

High-quality materials

The REFICCER claimed that they used accurate materials in the chair for ultimate comfort and design. The bonded leather provides it a decent and fantastic design and makes it ideal for any office room. This high-quality leather and materials make this chair actually comfortable and strong for the ultimate comfortability.


This office chair has come with a soft padded headrest. I must say it’s a useful addition to this chair.  This is much healthful for your neck and head. And during your exhaustion, you will find it helpful. If you want to take a nap in the chair then it will support you amazingly.

Height adjustment

You can easily adjust the height of this chair. There is an adjuster beneath the chair you can customize the height with that knob. Sometimes you may have to do different tasks in different desks then it will be helpful to be fitted. And any sizes of people will also be fitted in the chair.

Strong base

Its heavy-duty metal base is strong and durable. Though its weight capacity is huge this base is strong enough to bear nicely. You can move with its perfect and smooth casters for 360° that will help you to get your near job done easily. And your carpet and floor wouldn’t be scratched as these casters run so smoothly.


  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Leather, Metal
  • Maximum weight: 400 pounds 
  • Item weight: 61 pounds
  • Brand: REFICCER 
  • Manufacturer: REFICCER 
  • Type: Desk chair 
  • Style: Modern


  • Height: 46.5″-48.8″
  • Depth: 32.3″ 
  • Width: 27.6″ 
  • Seat: 19.3″-22″ H × 22.8 W × 24.0″ D 
  • Back: 31.9″ H × 24.8″ W


  • The height of the seat is adjustable.
  • Rocking option for a comfortable experience.
  • Bonded leather for great durability and style.
  • Nice and smooth-rolling casters.
  • Well, padded headrest for great comfortability.
  • Dense and wider seat cushion.
  • Made to be fitted with the big and tall person.
  • Huge weight capacity and durability.


  • No option to adjust the armrests.

Who should buy this chair

This bigger office chair was made to support taller and bigger people. This chair also has a great weight capacity. If you are a guy with a big frame then you can go for it.

There is a height adjustment function so middle and small guys can check this one also as it is made with quality materials. And obviously, it is a perfect option for your office room.

STARSPACE Office Chair

STARSPACE High Back Leather Office Chair

This STARSPACE office chair is a great chair that is larger and wider than other chairs. it has come with some needy features. This chair is designed to fit you perfectly.

Its huge size and great weight capacity made it much durable. Its thick padded back and seat will provide you a great sitting experience. Your working hours will be comfortable with this chair.

Its height adjustment function offers you different types of experiences. You can also lean back here for 120° to take a rest or nap. So let’s check all the information regarding this chair.


Comfortable backrest

This chair’s backrest was designed to take care of your spine. This densely padded back is ready to provide an excellent working period. This S-shaped back cushion may provide you some healthful hours. You will find the neck and lumbar support from this backrest. So you don’t need to be tense about your spinal pain.

Rocking function

Here you can rock back nicely in this STARSPACE chair. You can control this function according to your easement. Here you can lean back for 90°-120°. There is an adjuster by which you can adjust the flexibility. This function offers you some different experiences. You can lock the position amid 90-120° according to your will.


There is a well-padded headrest in this chair that you wouldn’t get in every chair out in the market. This headrest is a great addition to this chair. With its S-shaped back, this headrest will provide you more comfort. Taking relaxation will be more pleasurable.

Rolling casters

It has come with smooth and solid rolling casters. You can swivel in the chair for 360° by these casters. You can move easily and get your tiny job done. These casters also run smoothly. Your floor will remain fresh and clear so don’t get worried.

Height adjuster

This is a bigger chair compared to other chairs. Maybe you liked it but thinking that whether it will be fitted with you or not. Don’t get worried as there is a height adjustment function by which you can adjust its height. No matter which size you belong to, you can customize it according to your height. And sometimes we work on different desks. This function will also be helpful then.


  • Brand: STARSPACE
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Bonded Leather, Metal, High-density foam 
  • Furniture finish: Leather 
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds 
  • Manufacturer: STARSPACE
  • Item weight: 49.6 pounds 
  • Type: Office chair


  • Overall size: Length- 28.3 inches, Width- 30.3 inches, Height- 50.8 inches 
  • Back size: 26.6″H × 26.0″ W
  • Seat size: 19.9″ D × 24.0″ W × 16.5″-20.3″ H


  • Office chair with bonded leather.
  • The seat of this chair is double padded.
  • The base of this chair is strong and durable.
  • Great weight capacity.
  • Rocking function for comfort feeling.
  • Height adjustment facility.
  • Supportive thickly padded headrest.


  • Armrests are not adjustable.

Who should buy this chair?

Actually, this is a perfect chair for an office room. This larger chair has come with some great features. You can check these and fix your decision. But my suggestion is it is perfect for larger people and not a good option for smaller guys.

If you are a smaller folk and liked it then you can also grab it as there are a few adjustment functions.

What to Consider when Choosing a Leather Office Chair: Buying guide

There are many types of leather chairs in the online market. You may fall into confusion about which chair you should buy. Most of the chairs offer essential features nowadays even so all chairs are not perfect. Your chair must have some features and functions which are much needed for your comfortable tasking. Let’s check all the provided features. Hope after going through this guideline you will be able to fix your decision to buy a leather chair.

  1. Soft and thick leather: Your chair must have soft and thick leather with a great durability period. Soft leather offers a comfortable sitting experience. If your chair has soft and thick leather then working for hours will be more healthful. So before buying a leather chair be sure of the quality of leather.
  2. Height adjustment: Buying a chair with a height adjustment function is a wise decision. Then your various tasking will be more helpful with this chair. You shouldn’t be tense about your and your desks’ height. You can customize its height as you need.
  3. Adjustable armrests: If you want to work with a comfortable experience then adjustable armrests are a must. This feature will support your arms and your arms will not face any pain as these are adjustable. Your typing experience will also be more helpful.
  4. Rocking function: If you can rock your chair back and forth then you will meet different tastes. Various modes will provide you with various experiences. And its different modes are useful in different periods. So grab a chair with a rock function.
  5. Lumbar support: If you want to keep your back pain away then there is no effective alternative to lumbar support. It will help you to get support in your back. And your buttocks will also get assistance from this lumbar support. A chair can not be properly healthful without lumbar support so don’t miss this feature.
  6. Durability: Take a chair that offers more durability as you will pay for it. Check its base whether it is sturdy or not. Then you should check its all the provided materials’ quality. For more ideas, you can check its reviews online where you may gather experience about it.

Related FAQs about Leather Office Chair

Are leather office chairs comfortable? 

If you want a chair for ultimate comfortability then there is no great option but the leather chair. Leather office chairs offer amazing relaxation that you wouldn’t get from any other chairs.

One who sits in a leather chair feels more comfortable than sitting in a desk chair. No matter what the weather is, a leather chair can provide a pleasurable experience as it spatters the cold and heat. It also releases and imbibes moisture so it offers a less gooey and sticky feel.

Is the Aeron chair worth it? 

Aeron chairs have been well known for their durability. They design their chairs for day-long comfortability. A thing that we should appreciate is Aeron’s 12-year warranty. They are catching the attention of buyers by this huge warranty period.

Aeron chairs are made with great quality materials that make chairs more sturdy and durable. People admit that Aeron chairs are a bit expensive, but when you think about their lasting period and the features they offer then you must say, oh they are absolutely worth it.

Should I get a leather office chair?

A leather chair is a decent option for getting your daily task done. Well-made leather chairs are more durable and can assist the employees to work for countless hours. A leather chair with thick padding offers amazing support to the troublesome parts of the physique.

If you can properly maintain a high-quality leather chair then you will get support from it for 20 years or more. So you can grab a leather chair with needy features then it will assist you for a long time.

How do I choose a good office chair? 

Before choosing an office chair you must consider some features and functions.

  1. Seat height: The height of an office chair should be adjustable.
  2. Seat width and depth: The chair should have enough width and depth.
  3. Lumbar support: Lumbar support is necessary to get support in the lower back.
  4. Armrest: Adjustable armrests will provide more comfort.
  5. Swivel: The chair should easily be rotated.
  6. Rocking function: The rocking function offers variety in relaxation.
  7. Seat materials: Materials on the seat and back should be well padded for super comfortability.

Final words 

So that’s all for today. We gathered all the information from trusted sources. And all the prescribed chairs are too good from different perspectives and for different people. I hope you have already fixed your decision about which one is for you. If this happens then pleasure is ours. Stay fine.


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